Ready to get heard

Eliminate annoying wind noise from your calls. Slap a phoamy on your headset.

Have a quiet talk with your mum while jumping out of a plane. Plan a party with your friends while mountain biking the Alps. Call in sick while walking to your friends house in a crazy storm. You see, phoamy breaks wind. In a good way. See what we mean in the tests below.


live test #1
on the go


live test #2
in the snow


live test #3
on the bike

The Details

There’s a reason the phoamy works as well as it does.

The Foam

Outstanding quality and gorgeous texture.

The back slit

For easy attachment to your headset.

Lightning cut

Your headset’s protection from gluey mess.

Glue it together

Hold it together for 10 seconds, then it slides right on to the microphone.

No more wind noise

It doesn’t deflect wind, it ABSORBS it - ensuring a noise-free phone call.

Stunning colorways

6 exclusive designs available, and more on the way! Stay tuned...

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